What is external hemorrhoids?

This question always comes back and among people who suffer from external hemorrhoids, or rather hemorrhoidal repeated crises. Which brings us to this little detail: We all have hemorrhoids, but suffering from Haemorrhoids crisis. So the question we must ask is: What to do in case of external hemorrhoidal crisis? He must name what was proper to be able to understand. But if you asked that question is that you do not really understand what it is. I invite you to check out this article to better understand the problem and know what type of hemorrhoidal disease you have to be able to address them properly:

Internal and external hemorrhoids hemorrhoid

Have no shame

In popular belief, external hemorrhoids is something dirty. It was frowned upon in the propaganda campaign against homosexuals and at some point, was associated with hemorrhoids homosexual relationships. Although this “fake” was refuted because, after all, women also suffer in the belief that it’s dirty remained anchored in people’s memory. It’s almost understandable that people who suffer from hemorrhoids in their corner and do not want to talk. However, you have to stop being ashamed. It is as widespread as asthma, allergy or diabetes. If people who have these diseases, yet equally debilitating if not more than the external hemorrhoidal crisis, not ashamed, why be ashamed? It’s not like it was something we chose to have. This is something that is imposed on us. No one chooses to get sick and it’s not a crime. We must therefore stop being ashamed and talking to his entourage. You be surprised the number of people who will tell you suffer from the same thing. We must not be ashamed to ask for advice. Have a hemorrhoidal crisis is a very difficult test, and sometimes as human beings, we have the right to ask for help and be comforted. Also, if you have, is that someone in your family has. there is the hereditary component in it and if you talk to your parents, cousins ​​ you’re more likely to find someone who was able to remedy the problem. Otherwise, there is the Internet. And if you are there, is that you are looking for help. Keep reading and you will surely help.

Ease the pain

Among the main symptoms of external hemorrhoidal crisis is pain. It is everywhere and it is sometimes the pain that we noted. The first thing doctors learn in medicine is that a patient who is ill a patient who will not cooperate. If they are told that, is that it has a real sense. To cure the crisis, we must first relieve pain. While there, everyone reacts differently to pain. For some, taking paracetamol alone is sufficient to relieve. It is mainly these people who do not take caffeine, do not smoke and do not take a lot of painkillers. These people respond better to paracetamol. Otherwise, know that there are ointments to apply, including anesthetic ointments that your doctor can prescribe if the pain becomes unbearable. However, pain relief has nothing to do with the disease in question. This is only a symptom and it must address the problem in the background to get rid once and for all.

Treat the problem in the background

Hemorrhoidal crisis, if you read the article I advised you, is swollen hemorrhoidal veins. This is called inflammation and heal inflammation, it must be on anti-inflammatories. For these, you can either have them orally, by injection or by using ointments containing corticosteroids. For a hemorrhoidal crisis, using ointments would be better than having anti-inflammatory containing corticosteroids per os or by injection. In fact, the famous steroids are harmful to the immune system and that is why if we can use them locally, it would be better for the body.

That said, a hemorrhoidal crisis, although it has a hereditary component, occurs mostly because of another problem or a combination of several. We must therefore identify the cause to treat the problem. It’s simple, when one breaks his leg, they put in a plaster to heal the bone. We do not just take anti-inflammatories and analgesics. To know the main cause of hemorrhoidal crisis, I urge you to read this article. You probably situerez in one or more causes:

How do you get external hemorrhoids?


It is best to prevent the crisis before his arrival. But if you have it, there are two kinds of prevention must be adopted:

Preventing complications:

So the crisis is there and you try to treat it properly. However, there is a very important part of treatment not to forget is the prevention of complications. First, we must understand that the anal area is one of the most sensitive areas of the human body, as well as genitals. This is a very exposed area to infection because of its function: excretion. so you have to change some habits to avoid a complication occurs. The most feared complication is infection. To avoid this, you have to clean the area without irritation. A natural soap and some water will do. However, be aware that bacteria like wetlands. We must therefore dry the area after each toilet. When you have a hemorrhoidal crisis, do you clean the paper only. Should be rinsed after using the toilet, even if it is only the small board, especially for women. It must also adopt very sweet gesture and not to wear tight clothes not to increase the pressure on and risking rupture and bleeding. You can also see this article for more details:

10 tips to get rid of external hemorrhoids

Prevent the occurrence:

If you have read and understood the causes, you will understand how to avoid them in order not to have tantrums. That said, here’s a summary: You need to lose weight if you have in excess, exercise, healthy eating and a lot of fiber and less spices to avoid constipation, drink plenty of water, avoid sitting or standing for a long time, wear cotton clothes and avoid synthetic materials It must also avoid alcohol or at least reduce consumption.

Consult an expert

Some crises persist and some hemorrhoids are not visible (internal). In this case, do not hesitate to seek medical hemorrhoids. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, surgical treatment is essential to healing. Know that the experts do not like the surgery as much as you hate. Besides, this is why a doctor will try several approaches before you offer surgery. Do not be afraid to go for advice to one who will give you and do not believe in going have to consult is insured surgery.

In talking to the right person

A hemorrhoidal crisis is a cause of depression when the person saw evil. If you are unable to talk to your neighbors, do not hesitate to consult a psychologist or to sign up in support groups. Sometimes just talking about to be relieved.

Alternative methods

Some people consult a specialist, trying all medical methods prescribed but see no improvement after several months. In this case, we must turn to alternative methods and seek advice from those who suffered and were able to get rid of. Here is a solution to cure hemorrhoids. This is the result of 9 years of “galley”.